• Sebastian Judis

From the big city to the village.

After years of the big city, it finally went back to rural areas.

Who knows me personally a little better, knows that I love to visit big cities, but am also happy to leave them again. From time to time I love the hustle and bustle of people and cars, I enjoy the opportunity to just sit in a cafe and enjoy the food mile. To follow the hustle and bustle and play in parks and much more.

But in the long run, I enjoy the quiet, the harmonious, the sounds, smells and the feeling of absolute nothingness. Experiencing everything a bit decelerated. - My new main job in MV has made this possible for me and so I have finally arrived again in quiet areas.

Since I live not far from the A20 - in my eyes the umbilical cord of MV - photo shootings in the entire state are quite imaginable and feasible.

So and now follow a few impressions from the new adopted home <3

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